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the social me

There’s been a lot of noise today coming from the park a couple of blocks from our house. I’ve been out a couple of times, and had to drive a bit out of my way to get around. Plus, our entire block is filled with parked cars … I even saw one person waiting for someone else to leave so they could take their spot … understand, this is not normal, even when someone on the block has a big party, there is usually a space or two to park your car.

Being clueless, I had no idea what was happening at the park. I could have walked over there … that would be, oh, a two-minute jaunt. I could have driven by there when I was in the car. But no, I searched for the name of the park on Twitter, and found out that the affair in question was a Berkeley High reunion party.

Is the point of this anecdote that the modern era of social networking is a good thing because information is at our fingertips? Or is it that I am such a pathetic hermit I’d rather find out what’s happening in my neighborhood via the Internet than actually talk to a human being?