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steven’s spotify top 20

The weekly update has arrived, on Monday instead of Tuesday.

Steven’s Top List: 8-29-11

I’m still trying to figure out how they calculate these things. It appears to be some combination of frequency of times played, with more recent listens counting more. But I don’t really know, and I definitely don’t understand the list. The top eleven tracks on last week’s list are gone, in any event.

The top five tracks of the week:

  • 5: “Nobody But You Babe” by Clarence Reid, who might be better known for his Blowfly persona.
  • 4: “I Don’t Know Why” by Eric Clapton, from his 1970 solo debut album.
  • 3: “Bowling Green” by the Everly Brothers, the last time they would make the charts.
  • 2: “Hide & Go Seek” by Bunker Hill, featured in the most recent Music Friday.

And the #1 track of the week: