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google+, four weeks in

breaking news

I’ve been all over Google+ the last few weeks, but events in baseball today have reminded me that Twitter is the place to go for breaking news (and this holds true for more than sports, of course).

The Giants are on the verge of a huge trade. Details are unknown, although speculation is rampant. I wanted to follow this story as closely as I could, and that meant one thing: Twitter. No one from the team is talking, and fans are merely jabbering about what little we know. But we get that information from the writers who are on the story. They are the ones keeping us up to date. It goes without saying in 2011, I guess, but there is no need to wait for tomorrow’s morning paper, and I bet even the guys on the Giants’ radio station are mostly just repeating what they are reading on Twitter.

The sources for the story are interesting, too. Someone with a marginal connection to someone else in the Giants organization knows about so-and-so’s flight schedule. The kind of source that needs to be checked and double-checked, but in the meantime, it sits there for us to peruse.

And in the middle of all of this, a tweet comes through that Erwin Santana has a no-hitter through 8 innings. So I turn on the MLB Network and watch the historic 9th inning (Santana did it).

Google+ would be a good place to have a hangout where a bunch of us could have a group video chat about the above (although I don’t have enough friends online with G+ who want to do that, so it’s kind of irrelevant to me). It would be a good place to have a discussion about everything. But Twitter is where the news is breaking.