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women’s world cup: marta

true blood, season four premiere

I can keep this one short, because I don’t have a lot to add to previous posts on the topic over the years. I don’t believe in the concept of “guilty pleasures,” and True Blood is a guilty pleasure that I like quite a lot. OK, I contradict myself. I’ll quote two critics, and then I’m out of here. Tim Goodman:

This just in: anecdotal Twitter poll finds most people don’t think True Blood should be considered among the heavy hitters of TV dramas. It’s a guilty pleasure, period. Sounds about right to me.

And Mo Ryan:

But 'True Blood's' signature move has to do with power: One character will have power over another, and then kabam! That dynamic will be reversed, or it won't, or a new person will come on the scene and seize power. The show is often just a round-robin of those power exchanges, but Ball seems uninterested in saying anything about power, and that can be frustrating. Again and again, we see people holding each other emotionally or physically hostage, and sometimes even going to war, but then the dynamic shifts and the whole thing starts over again with slightly different combination of characters.