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what i watched last week

Tomorrow Never Dies. #49 on my Facebook Fave Fifty list. To find out why, drop me a note and I’ll add you to the FB group. 7/10.

Let the Right One In. A second viewing, two years after I first saw it. This time I noticed the way it satisfied the desires of the art-film crowd while simultaneously serving up a decent level of gore for the vampire fans. Few vampire films look as good as this one … few art films are as willing to go the extra mile in vampire scenes. It’s an odd, lovely combination. For awhile, I considered including it on my Facebook Fave Fifty, although ultimately it didn’t make the cut. #84 on the They Shoot Pictures, Don’t They list of the Top 250 Films of the 21st century … when I wrote about it two years ago, it was only #118, so its reputation is climbing. 8/10.

Animal Kingdom. Australian “family gangster” movie that is very low-key, which makes the violent moments stand out more than they might otherwise. It’s a dramatic version of the comedic slow burn. Much of the acting is subtle, such that you might think no acting is being done. But the acting matches the overall tone of the film. And Jacki Weaver, in an Oscar-nominated role as the gang’s den mother, somehow manages to be both subtle and flashy. It has been described as an Australian Goodfellas, but the tone of those movies is so different, I don’t think a fan of one would necessarily be a fan of the other. 8/10.

Sid and Nancy. #48 on my Facebook Fave Fifty list, and reviewed in that place. 9/10.