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if they move, kill 'em! steven, jeff & phil count down their favorite films

As I mentioned in a previous post, I am taking part in a Facebook project, the title of which is also the title of this post. “Jeff” is Jeff Pike, whose blog, “Can’t Explain,” covers more than just movies, and is smart and enjoyably readable. “Phil” is Phil Dellio, who is (I hope I get this right) a teacher, a music critic, an author, and a baseball fan. They’re slumming a bit in hanging out with me, but I appreciate the invite, and hope to have some fun with this.

The way it works, or at least the way it is planned, is that each of us will post twice a week to the Facebook group dedicated to this project, which means we’ll finish in six months, give or take, since we’re doing 50 films each. The whole thing begins next Monday, March 21. If you are interested, let me know and I will add you to the group (you’ll need to be on Facebook, of course). I think the posts will just show up in your regular FB news feed, but I may be wrong about that … it seemed to work that way for Phil and Scott Woods’ recent Top 100 Favorite Songs project.

I’d love to get a variety of people in the group, because the comments section will hopefully be where the real action takes place. So, drop me an email or a direct message on Facebook (is that what they are called?) and we’ll get you in the group.