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As usual, I’m a year behind … I’ve only seen 6 of the 10 Best Picture nominees … so this list is idiosyncratic, and uninformed. What could be better?

My choice for Best Picture would be Winter’s Bone. The only nominee I missed that I might eventually put at the top would be Black Swan … get back to me in a year. Honorable mention to Spike Lee’s HBO documentary, If God Is Willing and da Creek Don’t Rise.

I only saw 3 of the 10 Best Acting nominees, so what do I know, but Jennifer Lawrence in Winter’s Bone was my favorite of those three.

I saw a few more of the supporting actor nods, i.e. I saw The Fighter. I think Mark Wahlberg did the best acting job in that movie, but of course, he’s not nominated. I saw 4 of the 5 Supporting Actors, and think John Hawkes and Jeremy Renner are deserving. Of the two women from The Fighter, I guess I’d choose Amy Adams.

I saw two of the best directors, David Fincher and David O. Russell. I liked Fincher’s movie better. I also give props to Fincher because I am not a big fan of his movies … this might be my favorite of them … whereas The Fighter is fine, but nowhere near as good as Three Kings. So I guess that’s a vote for Fincher, whose previous best work was probably Paula Abdul’s “Straight Up” video (I told you I’m not a fan).

Finally, I saw 7 of the 10 Best Screenplay nominees … I don’t see the point in separating them into “directly for screen” and “not directly for the screen.” While Inception was not my favorite of those movies, it could be argued that the script established the film in a special way. But, true to what I’ve written above, I’d go with Winter’s Bone.