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friday night lights

How do you say goodbye to something when you abandoned it long ago?

During its first season, Friday Night Lights was one of my favorite shows. Everything about it worked, so I feel a bit guilty singling out one thing over the others, but the relationship of Coach Taylor and his wife, played by Kyle Chandler and Connie Britton, was arguably the best representation of married life I’ve ever seen on TV.

The second season, though, was worse than problematic. The show lost its way, and one ridiculous plot turn destroyed the season in my eyes. When the third season came around, the people in charge of the series agreed about that plot angle, and essentially acted like it never happened. Part of me appreciated the move … I wished it had never happened, myself. But I didn’t forget. Midway through the third season, I quit watching.

Now the series has finished its final season. It won’t air on NBC until April, due to an arrangement that allowed DirectTV to show the episodes first, but for those with the satellite system, the series is over. And so you can read bittersweet remembrances from the cast, crew, and fans who have already seen the season.

I don’t know what prompted me. It might be something as simple as getting a Roku box that let me stream Netflix on my big-screen. But I’ve started watching Friday Night Lights again, picking it up about where I quit a few years ago.

And it is wonderful. Time heals all wounds, I guess. I’m no longer obsessed with that stupid Season Two plot. And once I got past that, all of the things that made the show great were still waiting for me.

So, welcome back, Friday Night Lights. By the time your final season turns up on NBC, I’ll have caught up. I look forward to the bittersweet remembrances.