what i watched last week

episodes, season finale

Not sure why I’m posting this. The best thing about Episodes was Matt LeBlanc playing “Matt LeBlanc,” a self-centered asshole with an enormous cock. The rest was sporadically funny, and that’s about it. It passed the time OK, and if you didn’t watch it (I don’t know anyone but me who did), you didn’t miss anything. The finale was the best episode so far, which means perhaps Season Two will be better. Matt Zoller Seitz claims it’s the best show in the history of Showtime. He’s right that there’s more going on than appears on the surface … “LeBlanc,” for instance, isn’t just a self-centered asshole, and, in one of the better character developments on the show, Kathleen Rose Perkins’ seemingly ditzy midlevel executive/flunky shows she, like the show, has more to her than you might think after only one or two episodes. Tim Goodman also liked the show, but I suspect that’s in part because he shares the show’s low opinion of television executives.

I guess I’m writing this because I want to emphasize that this isn’t just a case of me not “getting” comedy. The show isn’t funny enough, and the more serious moments involve characters we don’t care about enough. If you come across it during channel surfing, it’s worth checking out a few minutes just to watch Matt LeBlanc … he actually is that good. But not good enough to convince me to give Episodes higher than a B-. Hold out for the upcoming season of Curb Your Enthusiasm, or watch Larry Sanders reruns.