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another two seconds added to my fifteen minutes

I was listening to one of my all-time favorite songs, “912 Greens” by Ramblin’ Jack Elliott, and wondered if Wikipedia had anything to say about Jack’s greatest creation. There is no entry for “912 Greens,” but the album on which it first appeared, Young Brigham, gets a page. I wrote a brief post on the song a month after I started this blog, wherein I recounted receiving a lovely email from someone who knew Jack back in the day … he kindly corrected me about the spelling of the name of 5-string banjo player Billy Faier, who plays a key role in “912 Greens.”

More importantly, back in 1998, I wrote something that I am as proud of as anything I’ve written, a short review of “912 Greens” for Bad Subjects. And that leads to my two seconds of fame.

Because as I’m reading the Wikipedia entry for Young Brigham, I find that “’912 Greens’ documents Elliott and his friends' search for Billy Faier in New Orleans.” There is a footnote at the end of the sentence. If you check it out at the bottom of the page, under “References,” you’ll see:

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