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My daughter asked that I put a picture of this on Facebook. It seems the age of personal blogs is a thing of the past. If I post it here, it will get cross-posted to Facebook, and that’s where people will notice it. (My movie post from a few days ago that featured Ferris Bueller’s Day Off hasn’t gotten a single comment on this blog, but the cross-post to Facebook has 40 comments so far.)

Well, I haven’t quite given up on the idea of blogging, so here’s what she wanted me to show you. It’s a photo of a delightful xmas present I got from my friend Doug. Pictures don’t do it justice … the texture needs to be seen in person … but perhaps you’ll get an idea:

giants win it



It's really strange when preferring email correspondence and blogs over Facebook makes you old-fashioned, but I guess that's the way it is. At least we're not wasting paper.

I was happy for the Giants and San Francisco to see them take the big prize this year. I grew up in and around Minneapolis and even though I was gone by then 1987 and 1991 were very sweet baseball years for me, a lot of good memories.

Oh, and also, I almost left a comment on the Ferris Bueller post. Phil Dellio pointed me to this blog a few days ago and your review reminded me that I'd had a strange experience seeing it. I was in Chicago visiting a friend. We went to the art museum. We went to a Cubs game (scored some great tickets cheap off the street, three rows behind home plate, though as I recall it was a bottom-draggers contest against the Dale Murphy-era Braves, and it was late August). Then we saw Ferris Bueller. I felt like a cliche, but in a good way. Later we saw The Fly, which was a good tonic.

Charlie Bertsch

I love it! Commenting-wise, I think part of the problem is that TypePad is kind of annoying when it comes to staying logged in. I always check the box to say I want to stay logged in when I comment here, but then I have to log in again the next time. Not a big deal, but still enough to deter me when I'm rushed. Also, I see your stuff via the Live Journal feed, where I would be more likely to comment regularly if you were a "real" LJ user.

Steven Rubio

Tonight I watched my 2010 World Series Blu-ray. Bawled my eyes out through the entire thing.


Most comments on my blog posts are on Facebook, which is fine because it's not like I'm going to go back and re-read every single thing later, and it's not like many of the comments really add additional information that subsequent readers need to know. Blogging still is the best route for complete strangers to find my posts show up in Google almost instantly. And, as simple as my blog may be or uninteresting to many, I believe strongly in controlling my own content and not blurring the lines of ownership, which is why I only link to the blog posts.

Steven Rubio

That's a good point about Google. I have more readers on FB, but the only "non-friends" come to the blog via Google.

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