music friday: thelma houston, “don’t leave me this way”
portlandia series premiere

a visit from the homeland

We went to Juan’s tonight, and got “our” table, the one next to this picture on the wall:


There were only two other people in the restaurant, it being a bit early for dinner … two guys sitting together. Our server, Eddie, immediately pointed at the picture and started talking to the guys in Spanish … I joined in … it took no time at all for them to say they were from Andalucía. We shared a few stories, I told them my family was from there, specifically Estepona, we talked about various places, including Ronda where the above picture was taken. It was fun!

As we were leaving, I shook hands with the two guys. We talked a little more … what soccer team they liked, stuff like that. As we walked out the door, I heard one of them say “’ta luego!”

Robin and I were delighted. It’s been almost two years since we got to hear the Andalusian accent. It’s distinctive enough, and we’ve been there often enough, that even Robin, who doesn’t speak Spanish, recognizes that “lazy tongue.” Never use two syllables when one will do just fine.