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Facebook is doing what it can to make personal blogs irrelevant, if they weren’t already. People post pictures to FB within seconds of taking the photos … those of us who write more than a paragraph, via a blog, find that our readership gets much larger once we finally start cross-posting to Facebook (although my unscientific study tells me that many/most/all people who see this on Facebook don’t actually read more than a paragraph). I frequently post YouTube videos there, which in the past might have shown up on the blog.

So, where in the past I’d say a few things about Xmas and post a lot of pictures, this year I feel like I’d just be replicating things that are already online. So I’ll just post one representative photo and explain why I think it’s important:

linda sara robin knitting talk

Robin has been a loving and loyal wife for 37 years, and it isn’t always easy. For instance, I can always go to a ball game with our kids, and certainly during the recent remarkable season, the three of us (four, really, Sonia’s in on this) did a lot of bonding. Robin … well, she’s not a baseball fan, and that’s fine, you don’t stay married for 37 years because you like exactly the same things. But a parent likes to pass some things along to the next generation. I can pass a love of baseball to my kids, but Robin, who has always had a passion for … I realize I don’t know the exact word, the making of clothing … she was and is an excellent seamstress, but in her later years she has taken up knitting, and she is rarely seen without her knitting bag, working on several projects at once.

Our daughter Sara has many interests, but it must be said, knitting was not one of them. However, in the last couple of years, she’s gotten interested, and now Robin gets to pass along her passion, and Sara’s getting pretty good at it.

It was a running joke this holiday, that I kept getting stuck in rooms with a bunch of people who were all talking about knitting. Robin reminded me more than once that this was just payback for all the times in those 37 years when she was stuck in rooms with people talking about sports. She’s right, of course, and it’s something I’ll remember about this Xmas, that it was the year where Robin’s passion was front and center.

The above picture shows our friend Linda, who has been a regular Xmas visitor over the years, Sara, working on a project, and Robin, holding court. It’s the most representative photo I have of Xmas 2010.



I love this picture!

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