what i watched last week
what i watched last year

these are a few of my favorite things

These aren’t necessarily my all-time favorite web sites … those would probably include Gmail, Salon, and ESPN. But they are sites that I track via Google Reader, email, or podcasts … they are relatively narrow, that is, one focuses more on entertainment, another on politics, another on baseball, one of technology, and … well, I don’t know how to describe what the Angry Greek does. What I hope is that at least one of these sites A) sounds interesting to you, and B) is new to you, so I can say I’ve given you something to check out for the new year.

The Angry Greek. This is not a site for everyone. Madame Greek has a vile tongue, and she knows how to use it. A self-proclaimed “big dyke living somewhere on the west coast,” the inventive angry one has regular features such as “Clitty Litter of the Day” (pictures of hot women … in the name of equality, she also has “Man Candy of the Day” with pictures of hot men), refers to her readers as “hos,” and features a cast of characters that includes The Vagina, Mrs. Angry Ex (Christina Hendricks), and actress-writer Amber Benson, to whom the Angry Greek is “engaged.” Suffice to say, it’s not like the other sites on this list.

News from Me. I feel like whenever I do these kinds of posts, Mark Evanier always ends up in the list. I’ve always thought it was a sign of how entertaining his blog is that I read it for some time before I realized he was famous (first in comics, and later as a writer for television). He mostly writes about entertainment, although he’ll venture into politics on occasion, and there’s something engagingly casual about his writing style that makes his readers feel like we know him.

A Plain Blog About Politics. I’ve known Jonathan Bernstein for a long time, and his thinking on baseball ranks with the best out there. But in real life, Jonathan is a political scientist, and in the summer of 2009, he started this blog. It was a crowded field, without much room for a late starter, plus the most popular political sites seem to be identifiably left or right, while Jonathan is a committed centrist Democrat. But his thoughtful prose and astute analysis has won out, so that now, he’s cited in other blogs, shows up as a guest on various sites (Salon being my favorite, of course), and has indeed found a place for himself in that crowded field. I disagree with him a lot … many is the time I’ve composed a comment, only to delete it because I feel that I shouldn’t add anything unless I am at my best … but I have learned more about the centrist position in current American politics than I ever have before. And once in awhile, he even posts something about baseball.

The Joe Sheehan Newsletter. This isn’t a web site, but instead an email newsletter. Joe promises at least 180 editions for a subscription that will run until January 31, 2012. I don’t run ads on my blog, but I’m not averse to passing along stuff I like enough to pay for. Yes, there is plenty of free baseball info online, so you’ll have to decide for yourself if $29.95 is too much for a year-plus of solid analysis. But, for what it’s worth, I think Joe is one of the best.

TWiT. I’ve been listening to Leo Laporte forever, but lately, he’s become omnipresent, because I find myself listening to podcasts at night, and Leo has a billion of them (he prefers to call them “netcasts,” which is a good one … many of us listen on non-iPod devices). Leo is the perfect host … he sounds like someone you would welcome into your living room, he treats the callers on his phone-in shows with respect, and he knows everyone in the field of technology, so they all either guest on his various shows or work for TWiT. (You can find some of the best of the rest at CNET … hello, Molly Wood!) I’m too lazy to count the number of regular netcasts in the TWiT world … suffice to say, there are lots of them, and they cover everything from Windows to Macs, home theater and iPads, security and hardware, law and science and … you get the idea.


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