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25 songs, fm underground radio version

So there’s a meme going on over at Facebook … it’s not a new one, it seems to pop up every few months … I did it because someone tagged me, but I had the idea of doing it with a slight change here. First, it’s not a meme in the sense that you have to do it, too, it’s just a blog post. Second, I’m going to shrink the possibilities.

Here’s the thing: you’re supposed to put your MP3 software on shuffle play and post the first 25 songs on the list, no matter what they are or how embarrassing they might be (ABBA turned up on mine). So I’m posting the following … shuffle play, yes, first 25 tracks, yes, but instead of shuffling through all 24,000+ songs, I’m going to limit the possibilities to the playlist I call “FM.” It’s full of music that was played on “underground” FM radio, with 1970 being the last year that counts. This playlist has been my obsession for years. It currently has more than 3000 tracks. The following 25 are taken at random from that playlist. Fire up some weed, close your eyes, imagine you’re hearing Tom Donahue or Dusty Street, and check out this list:

  1. Gene Clark, “If You’re Gone”
  2. John Lee Hooker, “No One Pleases Me But You”
  3. June Christy, “It’s a Most Unusual Day”
  4. Jefferson Airplane, “Let’s Get Together”
  5. Muddy Waters, Bo Diddley and Howlin’ Wolf, “Ooh Baby / Wrecking My Love Life”
  6. Cream, “World of Pain”
  7. Carole King, “Up on the Roof”
  8. Jesse Fuller, “You Can’t Keep a Good Man Down”
  9. Donovan, “Get Thy Bearings”
  10. The Great Society, “Somebody to Love”
  11. Skip James, “Look at the People Standing in Judgment”
  12. Charlie Musselwhite, “4 P.M.”
  13. Fairport Convention, “Jack o’ Diamonds”
  14. Jimi Hendrix, “1983 … (A Merman I Should Turn to Be)”
  15. Joni Mitchell, “I Think I Understand”
  16. Buddy Guy, “Too Many Ways”
  17. Taj Mahal, “You Don’t Miss Your Water (‘Til Your Well Runs Dry)”
  18. Ian & Sylvia, “Four Rode By”
  19. Santana, “Persuasion”
  20. Mississippi John Hurt, “Richland Woman Blues”
  21. Mimi & Richard Farina, “A Swallow Song”
  22. The Holy Modal Rounders, “Crowley Waltz”
  23. Albert Collins, “Backstroke”
  24. Odetta, “Santy Anno”
  25. Van Morrison, “Virgo Clowns”