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random friday, 2002 edition: johnny cash, “hurt”

welcome great pumpkin

Longtime Giants fan Jim Jividen has some very interesting personal thoughts about the Series:

Why I don't want the Giants to win the World Series (with the caveat being I do want the Giants to win the World Series) is Steve vs. Joe.

I wanted the Niners to win Super Bowl 29 … but it was mitigated a bit with the "Steve v. Joe" storyline that had mushroomed in the build up - that a Niner victory would be a victory for Steve Young - and therefore a loss for Joe Montana.

And I'm a Joe guy.  So the portion of that win which was framed as a defeat of Joe was not my friend; it took a percentage of the wind out of the win, and given that it's now 15+ years in the past (with no Niner SB seemingly on the horizon) I would have liked to have enjoyed it fully.

The Steve v. Joe story emerging about this team is the 2010 Giants v. Barry Bonds. …

[O]ver and over and over again, the storyline is being written that the 2010 Giants are the anti-Bonds team; selfless and clean and morally upright.  We can proudly take our children to these games, wear our orange and black in front of our co-workers, and not feel the terrible shame that we must have endured in that corrupt bargain Giants fans made to root for Barry Bonds.

It's horseshit.  Just something to write. …

Bonds = steroids and steroids = bad are the equations that have been firmly calculated by the sports media industrial complex - and there is just no way to avoid a SFG win being framed as a Barry Bonds loss.

And I'm a Barry guy.  I feel a strong sense that the media stole his two home run records, and I'm uninterested in the 2010 Giants being used to further chip away at his legacy.


You Know I'm Employed, But I'm Not A Fanatic About It

I had wondered what became of Jim, who posted some of the funniest stuff in the history of The man is nails.

Jim Jividen

That's me! I am that guy.

Congratulations, Steve. Kind of hard to believe it happened. From Renteria's homer to the end of the game I couldn't stop shaking my head. I wonder when I'll stop tearing up when thinking about it.

Steven Rubio

Hi Jim, and thanks for your words last month. They resonated with me at the time, but I admit, when the Series was finally ours, I forgave everyone. Hasn't worn off yet, perhaps because, like so many of us, I still don't believe it actually happened.

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