happiness is just around the corner

three games to one

Right after the game ended tonight, my daughter asked if we’d ever been here before, “here” being one win away from a World Series championship. I mentioned 1962 and 2002, which both went seven games … and that says something right there, that in the 53 seasons the Giants have been in San Francisco, they’ve only made it to three World Series wins twice. This is the first time they’ve had a 3 games to 1 advantage, though, and a cautious optimism is trying to squeeze its way past our congenital pessimism.

I know this: when the Giants still had that 5-run lead in Game Six in 2002, I found myself wondering how my life might be different, once the long-awaited championship had finally arrived. We’re still waiting. And I won’t allow myself to start wondering again until it has actually happened. Which it hasn’t, not yet.