on the other hand
three games to one


Sometimes I see something that says what I want to say, better than I can say it, and I post it here. Sometimes my efforts are already posted, and after the fact I read something that says it better. And so, Howard Bryant:

In many ways, the city of San Francisco and its baseball team share important personality traits, traits which are being forced to the surface by a ballclub making a sudden and unexpected championship charge. Each is a fragile coalition of disparate constituencies, possessors of unparalleled history yet fraught with conditioned, learned insecurity; international yet prone to a curious parochialism. …

[A]s the Giants have neared a World Series championship that has never been theirs, the sounds at the ballpark, in the clubhouse and in the street have changed. They represent a growing vindication and a weariness of being second, of being unnecessarily underestimated … of being viewed for what the franchise in San Francisco hasn't been instead of what it has. And perhaps most damningly, the people of San Francisco still chafe at being judged nationally for not turning on their greatest player locally, Barry Bonds. That perceived persecution for their refusal to turn on Bonds has emotions simmering and bubbling, waiting and swelling, demanding a release that can only be granted by finally winning the final game of a baseball season.

The Giants hadn't won anything and yet the fans were sending the same unheard message that the least-heralded World Series team in San Francisco Giants history had been sending on the field for the better part of a month: They belonged.