a couple of random pix from the wedding

what i watched last week

Cutter’s Way. This is the kind of movie that is forgotten. It flies under the radar in its initial run (in this case, it had two “initial” runs). It gets respect from critics, and many of the people who see it, like it. But over the years, it never quite reaches cult status. Fast-forward 29 years (the movie was released in 1981), and you’ve got a forgotten film that a lot of people might like if they saw it today. I know I was looking forward to finally seeing it after all these years. Except … I wasn’t all that impressed. I could see why it has its champions, but I’m not one of them. Its rambling nature didn’t work for me, and while John Heard as Cutter offered an impressive piece of work, it was more “give me an acting award” impressive than anything else. Someone out there still likes it: it is #921 on the They Shoot Pictures, Don’t They list of the top 1000 films of all time. 6/10.

Drag Me to Hell. When I first saw this last year, I loved it, and wished my wife had seen it, too. So tonight I watched it again, this time with her. She rolled her eyes as she usually does when I proclaim some movie an “all-time classic,” so her rating, as always, is probably lower than mine. Me? I see Sam Raimi’s career in two parts, the supreme junkmeister who made the Evil Dead movies, and the poor fellow that got handed a gazillion dollars to make Spider-Man movies. Drag Me to Hell is a top-notch horror comedy, but I give it an extra point for returning Raimi to his better years. This movie is a lot closer to Evil Dead than it is to Spider-Man, and thank god for that. 8/10.