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I’ve capitulated almost completely … Google, I am yours. My aborted attempt to switch away from Google products didn’t last long, and by this point, the only remnant is that I’m still using Bing. Ironic that the one Google item I can live without is their search engine.

I wonder if the person who wrote Larry King’s USA Today columns has a blog?

Way back in the Bad Subjects days, we used to toss around an idea that we might produce an issue where each person’s article was actually written by the entire collective, minus the person whose name appeared on the piece. The assumption was that our styles were so recognizable by then that they could be easily reproduced. Nowadays, we’d have to hack each other’s blogs and websites and sneak our parodies into the cloud. I imagine a parody of this blog would read “Me. Mememememe. ME! Did I mention me?”

As you can see from the above, thus far, unemployment isn’t doing much for my creative writing.