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i need to get out more

I forgot my dress shoes when we drove up for the wedding, and my son, who came up a day after us, was kind enough to stop by my house and grab them. While he was there, he saw a wild turkey. He knows his wild turkeys … there are plenty of them where he lives … and he took a couple of pix with his cell phone. I didn’t believe him until I saw the pictures … I couldn’t imagine a turkey living on our block. But seeing is believing:

wild turkey

That’s right across the street from our house. Neal found the turkey at our house and ran it off.

I talked to some neighbors, and apparently, Robin and I were the only people on the block who were unaware of our feathered friend.

So, to summarize, a wild turkey has been loose in my neighborhood for some time now, and I had no idea.

I need to get out more.



lunch perhaps on monday? all in the service of getting you out more, of course...

Steven Rubio

Should be OK. Going to the Giants game, but that's at night. Robin'll probably be working from home, so she could come, too.


so it's a date? I can be there at 11:30? (I need to be at Herrick at 1:30.)

Steven Rubio

Sounds good. Robin might have a conference call ... I'll let her know what's up, anyway.

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