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i need to get out more

I forgot my dress shoes when we drove up for the wedding, and my son, who came up a day after us, was kind enough to stop by my house and grab them. While he was there, he saw a wild turkey. He knows his wild turkeys … there are plenty of them where he lives … and he took a couple of pix with his cell phone. I didn’t believe him until I saw the pictures … I couldn’t imagine a turkey living on our block. But seeing is believing:

wild turkey

That’s right across the street from our house. Neal found the turkey at our house and ran it off.

I talked to some neighbors, and apparently, Robin and I were the only people on the block who were unaware of our feathered friend.

So, to summarize, a wild turkey has been loose in my neighborhood for some time now, and I had no idea.

I need to get out more.