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david mills and the emmys

I didn’t watch last night’s Emmy awards … never really done so in the past, and their ignorance regarding The Wire pretty much said it all as far as my current interest is concerned (I admit to being pissed about the absence of Katey Sagal from this year’s nominees). Like most such shows, there was a brief package of clips of those who had passed away during the year. Apparently, David Mills, himself a winner of multiple Emmys, who had written for NYPD Blue and The Corner and The Wire and Treme and many other series, and who had died during the making of the first season of Treme, was not included in the clips. So here is a beautiful post about Mills from a friend:


And here’s the video she included, which HBO showed at the end of the last episode of this season’s Treme:

Aaron Barnhart also did a great job with “Worst travesty of the Emmys? Forgetting David Mills.