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The Chronicle has a feature where they cull stories from the past. This one, from 1985, showed up today:

San Francisco's Hispanic community is embroiled in a touchy debate over whether immigrants from Spain should be entitled to city contracts set aside for minorities. Some Hispanics contend that Spanish immigrants are no more members of a minority group than Germans or Italians. But a growing number of Spaniards say they should be recognized as minorities because they are victims of discrimination. "When people discriminate, the first thing they look at is the name," said Laura Rodriguez, a television producer of Spanish descent who has become active in the controversy. "They're going to think that I'm a Latina." The controversy has bubbled to the surface before the city's Human Rights Commission. Commissioner Joan Zamora Moulton said yesterday that she will "continue to do what I feel is right - making sure that those people who get city contracts under the minority-contract ordinance are Latinos." As Moulton sees it, the term Hispanic applies to U.S. citizens with origins in Mexico, Puerto Rico, Cuba, Central America and South America - not Spain. A 1981 federal law, however, states that Spaniards are part of the Hispanic group.