i need to get out more
random friday, 1993 edition: pj harvey, “rid of me”

adventures in technology

I’m so easy. I can be bought for a stick of linguica and a lemon Fanta. After bitching and moaning about Google, and spending a day trying to wean myself from their now-evil clutches, I found myself a few minutes ago making a phone call from within Gmail. Yes, it’s their latest incarnation of Gmail/Chat/Voice. Instead of typing-chatting, you click on a phone icon, choose which # of the recipient you want to call, and voila! You are making a phone call, without a phone. It was kinda silly, really … I called my sister because I saw she was online, and the call worked just fine, but we could have had a video chat just as easily, so the point of this new thingie is a bit hard to discern (just like what you already do, only less!).

Still, I had to try it. I’m just a fanboy.


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