random friday, 1993 edition: pj harvey, “rid of me”
this is your brain on drugs

adventures in technology

I pay my bills online. I used Microsoft Money for many years, but they shut that service down, so now I just use my bank’s website. Among the bills I pay are one to the Chronicle for our subscription (it comes to the door on Sundays, the other days Robin gets it on her Kindle), and one to a credit card I got long ago in a promotion the Giants were running. I use the latter for baseball-related purchases, and pay it off at the end of each month.

On the bill-pay listings at the bank website, the names of the above are shortened. The Chronicle bill is called “SAN FRANCISCO CH,” and it sits directly above the one for the Giants, which I sensibly relabeled “SF GIANTS.” When the July bill came for the Giants card, it included a past-due fee … they claimed I hadn’t made my June payment. I was sure I had done it … as I say, I pay it off each month … but I am forgetful, so I figured they were right, and I paid off the full amount in July and quit thinking about it.

Today I got an email from the credit card company saying my payment was late for the second time in three months. I KNOW I paid this one … when you pay off a credit card in full, and you put baseball expenditures on it, and you’re buying tickets during the summer, the bill can get rather large, so when I pay it, we’re a bit short of funds until the next payday. So I went back to the bank’s website …

And found that in June, and in August, I had sent my Giants’ card payment to SAN FRANCISCO CH.

I called Chronicle account services, and found out my current subscription was due to expire sometime in 2015.

The semi-happy ending is that they will be sending me a check for the total amount of the most recent overpayment, so I can get things back to normal (although I hate that my credit rating looks worse after those two non-payments to the Giants card).

I shouldn’t be allowed near a computer.


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