giants all-star break

just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water

The World Cup blog is back in hibernation, which, unfortunately for those of you who hate soccer, means my soccer posts will end up here again.

Many years ago, my sister Chris and I came up with a little friendly competition. We took a player at each position on a baseball team, tossed in a few pitchers, and looked at them after five years to see which of us had done the best job of predicting the future. After five years, we did it again … after five more years, we did it again (that’s the one we’re in the middle of now). I should add that Chris always wins.

Well, Sean, the masterful commenter of the World Cup blog, and I decided to do this for soccer. The format is a bit different, and the rules we concocted were so complicated I won’t bother repeating them here. Suffice to say, we both picked teams in nine separate soccer competitions, and will check back in five years to see who had the best prediction skills.

Here are the competitions, and our choices:

Competition Sean Steven
England Man City Arsenal
Spain Atlético Madrid Sevilla
Italy Roma Fiorentina
Germany Werder Bremen Hamburg
Champions League Bayern Munich Real Madrid
MLS Seattle New York
Mexico Cruz Azul Toluca
World Cup 2014 Brazil Argentina
Wild Card Copenhagen Celtic