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random friday, 1985 edition: hüsker dü, “i apologize”

hackneyed but true

Ann Powers interviews Robert Christgau on the end of his Consumer’s Guide:

It's a momentous day for many music writers -- truly worthy of that hackneyed phrase, the end of an era.  Generations of fans have crafted their music collections with Bob's blurbs clutched in their hands (or, later, downloaded on their iPhones.)  Countless writers honed their craft with his voice in their ears: emulating his endlessly deep, intricate, referential but always fun-to-read prose, or reacting against it.

"All rock critics working today, at least the ones who want to do more than rewrite PR copy, are in some sense Christigauians," wrote Jody Rosen in a Slate column when the Voice let Bob go after more than three decades of labor, putting the Dean in the same category as Pauline Kael.