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happy birthday to the best kitty ever!


Given all the posts on my World Cup blog, you’d think I’d find something to write about other than sports on my regular blog. But we went to the Giants-Dodgers game today, as I did Monday night, and those games prompted some thoughts.

Today, Neal and I combined a bunch of holidays: his birthday, my birthday, and Father’s Day. In the post-season ticket era, I’m spending less overall, but I’m spending more for each game, because I’m going to fewer games, and I haven’t bought tickets to 81 games … instead, so far this season I’ve been to 9 games (I missed some when I was in the hospital, and the World Cup has kept me home as well).

The result is that so far this year I’ve spent about $475 less than I would have with my season tickets, but there are also times, like today, when I spend quite a bit. Today, in fact, we spent $300 for two tickets 12 rows behind the Giants’ dugout. In previous years, I would have spent $36 and sat behind home plate in the upper deck, but now I can splurge.

Well, the Giants got their asses kicked by the Dodgers. It was a lovely day, our seats were terrific, the food was yummy … but the Giants lost. And so the question arises: was it worth $300 for Neal and I to watch the Giants lose?

It was worth it to be at the game, no matter who won. It’s always good to spend time with my kids at the ballpark, no matter who wins. Hell, it got me out of the house, if nothing else. But the tricky thing about sports is, when you pay your money, there is no guarantee you’ll like what you’ve paid for. Chances are if I buy tickets to see Bruce Springsteen, we will go home happy. But when you watch the Giants lose twice to the Dodgers in three days … how happy do you think I am? Especially today, when I spent more on tickets than I have in my entire life on a regular-season game.

For comparison purposes, here are two pictures, one taken from my old season ticket seats, the other taken today:



I’ll add that people who are less-than-ardent fans of baseball actually prefer my old seats, because they like the view of the Bay.