true blood and the water cooler

mr. cub

This story is feel-good enough for me, even if it’s tragic that we still need stories like this. It’s about the Chicago Cubs and their legendary star, Mr. Cub, Mr. “Let’s Play Two,” Ernie Banks:

In case you haven't heard, this Sunday the Cubbies will take part in Chicago's Gay Pride Parade. But not merely "take part." For the first time, the team will have its own float -- a vehicle decked out in a brick-and-ivy motif, a la Wrigley Field's outfield wall. In and of itself, the gesture would be a wonderful one; a statement to the Windy City's large gay and lesbian community that they are welcome at 1060 West Addison Street whenever they crave a ballgame.

Here, however, is the capper: Sitting atop the float, waving to the crowd in all its gay-and-lesbian splendor, will be Ernie Banks.

As Jeff Pearlman notes, the Cubs could have sent anyone to sit on that float. They could have just sent the float, with no one to sit on it. Instead, Mr. Cub will take the seat.