random friday, 1976 edition: david bowie, “stay”
what i watched last week

my old kentucky home

I talk a lot about my Spanish heritage, but I’m also half-American. My mom was born in Berkeley, and her mom was born in Kentucky. I’m reminded today that every year, when they played “My Old Kentucky Home” before the Kentucky Derby, my grandmother would cry. At least, that’s what she said.



Loved the race, and watching that Cajun win again! Some of my dad's family also hailed from Kentucky, and in fact, my great-great grandfather joined the Union army there, during the Civil War. He was in his 40s when he enlisted, and left a wife with young children to run the farm. Two wives later (running a farm during the Civil War was hard on wives, apparently), he got notice to come home, as the farm burned down. (Accident?)

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