our house looks different
bigger than berle?

happy birthday, neal!

A couple of years ago, I exchanged emails with Carolyn Cassady, wife of Neal Cassady, for whom our son is not-really-named. I tried to describe “our” Neal to her, and as I look at that email today, I see that a lot of what I said is still true:

That son is now 32 years old, and he is a fine man. He is, of course, nothing like I imagined him when he was born. What child is, and what parent would want their children to grow up to be exactly what their parents thought they wanted?

Today, “that son” is 35 years old. He is indeed a fine man, and he’s still surprising his dad … who could have guessed that he’d become a dog-owner/lover? So Neal, here’s to another 35 years of surprises. One day, maybe we’ll even get the happy ending we thought was near when this picture, one of my favorites, was taken: