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quake update

I was wrong. The article in the Sporting Green wasn’t on page 4 … it was on page 11. Four paragraphs, 121 words, taken from a wire service.

How was the match? Largest Quakes crowd in Buck Shaw Stadium history. Supporters groups out in full force, and making noise from long before the match until some time after the match. Fan favorite and team goalkeeper Joe Cannon summed up the play on the field via his Twitter account:

It's 530 in the morning. I can't sleep. To our fans, if you're looking to point the finger, please do so right here. Tonight was embarrassing. There are so many feelings I want to share, but being with the team, I have to try and show some professional restraint. The bottom line is i'm sorry, so so sorry. The group of men I play with are great warriors, and tonight, we were beat by a better team. My buddy Hucks Norwich team started off the season with a 6-0 home loss. This is the only consolation I can muster at this point. I'm sorry to our hard working staff in the front office, our owners, but most of all, our fans. I love you guys and as one of the biggest San Jose Earthquake fans around, I can't remember a worst feeling I've ever come away from a home game. You deserve better, you will get better, but right now, all I can give you are my apologies. Love, Joe Cannon

I hope it’s clear why Joe is a fan favorite. And FWIW, he didn’t have a bad match, although he’d be the first to tell you it wasn’t a good one, either.

But he’s right … it was a bad performance by the home side.


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