my fifteen minutes of fame extended, angry greek edition

i read the news today, oh boy

Not today’s news … this is from the Berkeley Daily Gazette for January 21, 1931. Nancy-King Harrison is my mother:

Birthday Party

Mrs. George G. Harrison entertained Monday afternoon at a lovely party in honor of the third birthday of her daughter, Nancy King Harrison. The Harrison residence on Los Angeles Avenue was the setting for the affair which assembled ten young friends of Nancy King, none of them being older than four years, as well as their mothers, who were guests of Mrs. Harrison.

The young guests were Marilyn Bohannon, Maxine Liebscher, Avis and Carol Green, Sally Sergeant, David and Tommy Madden, Evelyn Kant, Howard Scott ahd Howard Albertson. These are all members of a “baby” dancing class and their teacher, Mrs. Howard Albertson, with her accompanist, Mrs. Leoline Walton, directed the games and entertainment.

The luncheon table was decorated in the pastel shades of green and yellow.

There are other stories … found via Google News … of my mom’s childhood. There was a piano recital, and a Halloween party at her school, and this, from March 8, 1937:

Wed at Harrison Home

The home of Mr. and Mrs. George G. Harrison of La Loma Avenue was the setting late Saturday afternoon for the marriage of Stella Pisarkiewicz, a young Russian girl, to John A. Blashenk of Vienna, a business associate of Mr. Harrison. The bride arrived several weeks ago from St. Louis, Mo., where she and Mr. Blashenk first met. …

The couple were attended by Mr. and Mrs. Harrison. The Harrison’s nine-year-old daughter, Nancy-King Harrison, played the wedding march.



This is amazing stuff....


Sure is! Wow!

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