random friday, 1964 edition: dean martin, “everybody loves somebody”
what i watched last week

the super bowl and me

I’m not an expert on football, and whatever knowledge I do have tends to focus on the 49ers, so I have no particular rooting interest in this game. A few highlights and lowlights:

Becka and Rich were fine hosts, as the usual Rubio Super Bowl party moved to a semi-neutral park. The World’s Biggest Batch of Nachos was the #1 taste treat.

At the end of the day, I was ahead by $3.25.

I thought the onside kick was delightful, and probably started rooting for the Saints right about then.

“The Who” sucked.

As for the ads, I’ll be in the minority, I’m sure, but I hated the Green ad … I think it was for a car. Everyone in our room seemed to love it for its pro-Green message … all I saw was a neo-fascist state where armed government thugs busted you for putting your orange peel in the wrong bin.

Did I mention “The Who” sucked?

Overall, a good afternoon/evening with a congenial group of family and friends.


Phil Dellio

Couldn't agree more about "the Who." I know that getting old is a fact of life, and that if they enjoy what they're doing--and someone's still willing to throw money at them to do it--then they have every right to keep plugging away, but still...I made it a point to explain to my grade 6s the next day that that wasn't really the Who, it was just a couple of guys who used to be in the Who, and that with the other two guys who made up the Who long dead, then by definition there is no Who anymore. And I showed them this:


Steven Rubio

Yeah. I try not to be a snob, but I saw The Who when Moonie was still alive, so I look down my nose at anything since. I'm not saying a group's membership can't change, but there were no non-vital members of The Who ... closest would be Daltrey, and that's stretching. It's not like when Bill Wyman left the Stones.

Great clip!

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