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Jon Miller’s election to the Hall of Fame is well-deserved, as his fans across the country will attest. Giants fans have the pleasure of listening to Jon throughout the season (it says something about the way baseball announcers work their way into the fabric of our lives that we think of them by their first name or their nickname, but rarely by their last name … Jon and Lon and Hank and Kruk and Kuip etc.). Miller is great for a lot of reasons … for one thing, he is excellent at describing the action in a very specific way so you can picture what is happening as it happens. But his humor is also welcomed. And for many of us, the funniest Jon Miller routine of them all is Vin Scully in Japanese. Honestly, I heard this once, and it was so brilliant, yet I never heard it again, and started to wonder if I’d just imagined it.

Well, thanks to a guy named Dale Parsons, we’ve found the holy grail. Here’s a link to an interview with Miller from 2007, where he offers his impersonation of Scully, and follows it with the Japanese and Spanish versions:

Jon Miller Interview

The Japanese Scully is about halfway through.

Meanwhile, here’s a favorite of Giants fans, Ruben Rivera with the worst base running in the history of the game:



Well-deserved, indeed. And I'm still nearly wetting my pants listening to Jon Miller on this call. Hilarious.


LMAO! and i've never typed that before, but it's fitting...


Very odd.. I tried to upload that video to YouTube a while back, but it got shut down thx to MLB.

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