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happy birthday, steven rubio's online life

Um ... this is kinda embarrassing. Today is the 8th birthday of this blog. On January 6, 2002, I cranked it up with "snapshot of life at the moment" (I wasn't doing anything, surprise surprise).

Other firsts ... the first photo I posted was of Robin standing next to a cactus. The first movie I talked about was American Graffiti. First music-only post was about the video A Night with Lou Reed. First TV show to get its own post was Sex and the City.

I'm writing this a few days in advance, so I can't give exact numbers, but there have been close to 650,000 pageviews, just under 300 a day. There have been more than 5400 posts, and more than 5700 comments.

Sometimes I wonder why I do this ... but the answer is obvious. I never get tired of talking about myself. Blogging strikes deep into the heart of every solipsist with Internet access.

I don't have any big plans for this year's compositions, just more of the same. I often think about writing my own obituary and postdating it by several months, then updating it and changing the "publish on" date just before it goes public. That way, as long as I keep the blog going until I croak, there will be one last post from beyond the grave just when everyone has forgotten me. Maybe I'd quote from Christina Rossetti's poem, "Remember" ... "Remember me when I am gone away" ... followed by a quote from Kiss Me Deadly, which made great use of the poem ... maybe from the scene where Mike Hammer is being questioned, and as soon as they tell him he can leave, someone says with dripping disgust, "Open a window!"