i tweet the hall of fame concert

Tom Hanks pontificating while wearing a suit and tie is not rock and roll.

Bruce fan watching this show: "would these other legends hurry up so I can see Bruce?"

all props to geezer rockers facing the hi-def cameras with pride ... this Browne kid has come a long way from his crush on Nico

with apologies, I confess if I were watching a recording, I'd fast-forward thru Jackson Browne

CS&N are bringing out everyone but the Y that kicks their ass (Bonnie's OK, though) ... JT? Lester Bangs just threw up

all this needs is Forrest Gump hanging out in the shadows

Stevie's just fine ... he doesn't need the backup singers

Smokey's 45-spindle-thingie necklace roolz

Sting belonged in the CSN set

They should let Eddie Murphy sing "Roxanne"

Jeff Beck shreds!

"Superstition" highlight of first hour

due respect to Clapton, in that case, the replacement was better than the first choice

four hours, yet there will be no disco, no punk, no hip-hop

shit, C&N are back

Dion looks ten feet tall next to Paul Simon

bad sign: I just turned the volume down ... Turned it back up for Little Anthony

finally, Aretha

one song into Aretha, and I'm ready to say that so far, Stevie Wonder has been the only inspired main performer, J.Beck best guest

Aretha has enough soul for two people, which is a good thing, since Annie Lennox is a machine

if the bad guys in Blade Runner made an "Aretha Replicant" it would be Annie Lennox

Metallica ... quick, someone record their performance and upload it to a torrent

am I a bad person because I want to stuff James Taylor's head inside Lars' bass drum during "Enter Sandman"?

Lou and Metallica: great matchup. Rock and Roll Animal lives!

"Sweet Jane" ... greatest-ever extra-chord version of "Louie Louie"

let Lou take a solo!

I'm such a Lou Reed fanboy ... just like the guys in Metallica

If Aretha is a 10, Metallica is a 5 ... but they are having a blast and are actually trying

hey New York, we don't give a fuck about the Yankees, and Metallica is a California band

in the absence of punk outside of one Bruce song each from Patti Smith and Tom Morello, give it up to Metallica for making an unholy racket

christ, Bono says one sentence and I already wanna puke

You know, I saw U2 in 1982 and liked them a lot, thought Bono was charming ... one of us has changed

is "bono" irish for "insufferable prick"?


the Professor on piano!

Bono singing when Patti Smith and Bruce Springsteen are on stage is like me pinch-hitting for Albert Pujols

thank you, Bruce, for shutting up one of Bono's endless blatherings

even I admit "Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For" is a great song

even an aged self-parody version of Mick blows everyone else off the stage with charisma

fergie got retarded! Note to Annie Lennox: it ain't about hitting the right notes

OTOH, "Gimme Shelter" is one of the greatest songs of all time ... it doesn't really need retarded

the older Mick gets, the more he looks like a David Johansen impersonator

ok, Mick's gone, can we fast forward to Buddy Guy with Jeff Beck?

Bono just said he was humbled ... and I'm Barack Obama

confession time, as Jeff Beck fills in for Eric Clapton: The Yardbirds were my favorite group when I was a kid.

I never cared about Jeff Beck's career once Rod Stewart left, but he sure can play ... can't wait for Buddy Guy to show him up

I'm pretty sure Jeff Beck wouldn't let any guitar player on the planet other than Buddy Guy blow him away like that ... just ask Jimmy Page

"A Day in the Life" is the kind of nonsensical trick a guitar player would come up with


hi-def kicks the ass of youtube bootlegs

"play it, Steve!"

Mr. Sam Moore!

and here comes Tom Morello

no surprise that I think "Tom Joad" is the highlight of the night

Bruce's plastic surgeon does better work than Fogerty's

trivia note: I've seen Sleater-Kinney sing "Fortunate Son." "Promised Land" too, for that matter.

ok Big Man, have a great solo tonight!

teardrop count: Roy hits the beginning to "Jungleland," I start crying

Clarence gets into heaven based on the "Jungleland" solo alone

you can't go wrong with Darlene Love

Bruce's influences are apparent in his choice of guests: Sam Moore, John Fogerty, Darlene Love

Unfortunately, Bruce also likes Billy Joel

they're playing our song, but Robin's asleep

Fucking motherfucking shit Billy Joel is taking a verse on "Born to Run" ... fuck you fucking Billy Joel!

next up: The Shaggs sing "Respect" with Aretha Franklin

worst version of Our Song of all time

1 2 3 4!

The greatest line from the greatest song since God said Let There Be Light and Billy Joel sang it

"Higher and Higher" was a good ending ... better than a jam session, that's for sure.