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day on the road, night in klamath falls

We're visiting family and friends in Oregon this week, and today we hoped to drive to my sister's house (coincidentally, she lives in Sisters, Oregon). We got to Klamath Falls around 2:00, and after extended discussion with Chris and Karen, we decided not to chance the potentially icy road to Sisters. So we're spending the night in a motel in Klamath Falls, and will drive to Sisters tomorrow.

I am v. naive about this kind of traveling. It's our first visit to Sisters, and my unthinking assumption was that we'd drive up I-5 and take the Sisters exit. Sisters, of course, is far off of I-5 ... it's in the mountains. As I will find out tomorrow, Chris and Karen live in Nature. Robin reminded me that we traveled to Andalusia in November, back in '03 ... we've spent time in the mountains when I should have known better. And Sara reminds me that there were several Thanksgivings when she was a kid that we drove up to Portland (same friend we'll be visiting this time around). Still, Portland is I-5, so the part where you have to bring chains for your car and spend the night in Klamath Falls because of weather, that's new to me.

Our motel is functional ... Robin's been watching crap movies on SyFy all day ... and there's a Chinese restaurant attached, which was tasty indeed. Mostly, though, this is my typical boring tourist post. More tomorrow ... I know you can't wait.