what i watched last week
i read the news today, oh boy

comedy gold

Now, that was funny!

It hadn't occurred to me until it actually happened, but last night's episode, wherein the cast of Seinfeld got to interact with the characters on Curb Your Enthusiasm, was brilliant. My favorites involved J.B. "Comedy Gold" Smoove as Leon. We've known all season long that Leon would have to meet up with Michael Richards ... who would have predicted that when it happened, Leon would be impersonating a Jewish accountant? There's also the semi-ongoing joke about how black viewers never watched Seinfeld ... when Leon visits the set during a rehearsal and sees Jerry and Elaine in the kitchen/living room, he asks Larry who those people are ... and when Newman shows up at the door, prompting the inevitable "Hello, Newman" from Jerry, Leon finds it hilarious, not because of the inevitability, about which he knows nothing, but because Wayne Knight looks funny to him.

Add in the usual offensive jokes about body parts (so offensive, even I hesitate to repeat them here), and you've got a classic episode.

Oh, and Elaine said the f-word.


Steve Hammond

And a classic closing line - Phone the police!

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