friday random ten, 1999 edition
30 rock season premiere

r.i.p. only baseball matters?

I know many of you think my Brian Sabean rants are tiresome, and that I am over the top in my disdain for the job he has done as Giants general manager. But I’m not worthy of being in the same room with John Perricone and his blog, Only Baseball Matters. John combines a love for the Giants, a belief in rational analysis, and a subsequent hatred for Sabean that far surpasses anything I could think of. He’s one of the most entertaining writers on the web, and insightful as well.

But he’s had enough. In his post “Get ready to say goodbye,” he tells us “I’m not gonna waste my time, my energy, and my love for baseball on this collection of fools.” And by “collection of fools” he means “Brian Sabean and anyone who gives Brian Sabean power.” Gonna miss ya, John … but you sure are going out with a bang:

Facts. Like the fact that it’s Brian–fucking–Sabean who decides what player the team should pursue and sign, and the fact that he has pursued and signed the wrong guys time and time again. Or the fact that it’s been Sabean who has made the decision to throw tens of millions of dollars on the fucking ground for this laughable collection of worthless hitters –not to mention the useless dregs we’re still paying to work at 7-11– thereby rendering the team unable to pursue a real hitter once again. Or the fact that this is the same exact excuse we were hearing from Sabean eight fucking years ago when the Giants could’ve landed Vladimir Guerrero. In point of fact, this same exact excuse has been made by the Giants, made by Brian Sabean, year after year; and once again, the local media are knocking Grandma out of the way as they run to the rescue and make sure that we mere mortals, who cannot possibly fathom any of the important and complicated details of the inner workings of a major league team, must remember that it’s NEVER EVER EVER EVER THE FUCKING GENERAL MANAGER’S FAULT!!!!

IT IS!!!!!!! IT IS, IT IS, IT IS, IT IS!!!!!!