i read the news today, oh boy

google wave invites

I have some more. If you are really interested, let me know. Don’t bother asking if I don’t know you, and don’t bother asking if you don’t really care. I haven’t figured out much about Wave yet, but one thing is obvious from the start: it’s a collaborative tool, so it works best when you have lots of friends and colleagues using it. Three of the first eight invites I sent to people who asked for them are still unused, which means thus far they are wasted. I’m trying to make sure that doesn’t happen with this next batch.



okay. i'll give it a go.


i'd really, really, really like a second one so that i could demonstrate it to my kids at school. i feel like i've got a tin can and a string but no can at the other end.

if not, i totally understand. curious why i haven't gotten my first batch of invites. :(


I've managed to wrangle an invite for myself and I'm trying to get the rest of the Center Line Soccer crew on board, but I haven't been given any invitations yet. I think it would be perfect for us because we collaborate on projects and are each in a different location. So, if you still have some invites that you'd care to dole out, e-mail me and I'll send you the appropriate addresses.

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