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every year about this time

I went back and perused some past Octobers, and it’s true … every year about this time, I post something about a particular obsession with mine, and each year, I say something about how I post something about this every year about this time.

Sometime on Thursday … I’m guessing around 6 in the evening … I’ll be able to download Football Manager 2010, the latest version of a game I’ve been playing since I was a grad student (which was a long time ago, if you’re keeping score … I played it while I worked on my dissertation, which probably explains why it took me so long to graduate). I’ve written extensively about the game and my relationship to it over the nearly eight years of this blog. Those posts never get any comments, and I don’t expect any for this one. But it’s only fair to point out that I’ll be even more of a hermit for awhile, come Thursday night.

What is Football Manager? One wiki explained it like this:

Football Manager (commonly abbreviated to FM) is a highly addictive drug, similar to heroin, hidden inside a football management simulation game. It was originally designed to provide couples with grounds for divorce, however it has unintentionally become more popular than food.

A couple of things. First, “football” in this case means “soccer.” Second, I’ve never figured out if this is just an urban legend, but stories abound that FM has indeed been cited in divorce proceedings.

Each year I try to offer a tidbit to show just how popular this obsessive game is. This time, I’ll offer up the existence of something called “Tactical Theorems ‘10.” According to the website, this guide has been “Translated into 12 different languages! Distributed to 60+ different countries!” The guide will be available for download at the same time the game itself is released. Last year’s version had 200,000 downloads. For a guide, not even for the game itself.


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