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what i watched last week

Adventureland. A story of twenty-somethings that gets just about everything right. Which doesn’t mean it’s a great movie … it insists on the low-key revelations of real life, and the result is a movie that is itself a bit too low-key. Still, it does for 80s nostalgia what American Graffiti did for the early-60s and Dazed and Confused did for the mid-70s, including a spot-on soundtrack. 7/10.

Ponyo. The best part about watching this in the theater, even though it was the English-dubbed version, was listening to the kids in the audience. They were enjoying the movie very much, right from the beginning, when the Studio Ghibli logo came on and a kid sitting behind me said to his parent, “it’s Totoro!” You see, I had forgotten Miyazaki makes movies for kids. I assume they’re more like Fantasia, movies for acid heads to enjoy while tripping. Ponyo is neither the best nor the worst Miyazaki movie, which means you should see it. 8/10.