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sabean and kent

please let brian go

I’ll start by saying I think picking up Brad Penny is fine. I doubt he’ll amount to much, but he’s cheap and he’s better than Joe Martinez.

But the Giants have more pressing needs than a #5 starting pitcher. They have somehow stumbled into a Wild Card race, and … well, here is their lineup for their first game in September:

Eugenio Velez … this “leadoff hitter” had an OBP of .319 coming into the game.

Edgar Renteria … he doesn’t get on base, doesn’t hit for power, leads the team in GIDP. OPS+ of 74.

Aaron Rowand … probably the “best” hitter in the lineup, he’s hitting .276 w/12 HR, 104 K and 26 BB.

Ryan Garko … the “cleanup” hitter has a SLG Of .341 since joining the Giants.

Juan Uribe … this almost-average hitter (OPS+ 97) is part of the “heart of the order” for this team.

Randy Winn … only marginally better than Renteria at this point, and hitting .162 w/0 HR against lefties this season.

Ryan Rohlinger … career average of .105 coming into the game.

Eli Whiteside … OPS of .588.

Pablo Sandoval, the only guy on the team who can hit, was out with an injury. Bengie Molina can’t hit (OPS+ 85) but he’s better than Whiteside. If you pasted those two guys into the above lineup, you’d have one guy who could hit and seven who couldn’t.

And Brian Sabean went out and got a fifth starter.