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one in, one out: sons of anarchy and true blood

The two shows have nothing to do with each other, but tonight we watched the season premiere of Sons of Anarchy and the season finale of True Blood, so they get stuffed into the same blog post.

Sons of Anarchy looks like more of the same, only even more intense. I wasn’t always convinced by Charlie Hunnam, but he made up for it in this episode, and perhaps his character is supposed to seem just a tad more standoffish about violence … after all, in the overall Hamlet-influenced structure, he’s the procrastinating Dane. I prefer Ron Perlman in the Hellboy movies, but he’s suitably mean here. Katey Sagal rules every scene she’s in, and Kim Coates is a revelation. Ultimately, I think this show is a bit below the pantheon, but my wife likes it more than that, which points to an oddity: this testosterone-laden show is apparently popular with women (Sagal says it’s because in the end, it’s a drama about family).

True Blood is about as good as Sons of Anarchy, but in an entirely different way. I am rarely blown away by True Blood, because it’s almost impossible to take it seriously. Many of the characters are dumb, including the lead, Sookie Stackhouse. The plots are cartoonish. The accents are hilarious. But it’s also takes care of all those things the pre-show warning announcements mention … plenty of violence, nudity, sexual situations, and extreme language, or however they put it. It’s one of the best-looking casts around, and with everyone taking off their clothes on a regular basis, you can always count of seeing some hunky guy showing off his abs, ass, or both, and little Anna Paquin’s good for half-a-dozen hot nude sex scenes a year. Basically, it’s The Tudors, only it’s on HBO instead of Showtime, and it takes place in a different century. And there are vampires. In both seasons, the resolution of the main plotline has been meh, but really, who cares? True Blood is great fun, and not every vampire show has to be as full of subtext as Buffy. (True Blood pretends to be subtextual, but really all they care about is getting people’s clothes off.) Grade for Season Two: B+.

And, oh yeah: Pink rooled on the video awards.


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