i read the news today, oh boy
who is that out there?

lie to me, season premiere (and new goodman power rankings)

I suppose I could just repeat myself: Hugh Laurie is to House as Tim Roth is to Lie to Me. Both are decent shows made especially watchable by the stars. There is reason to think Lie to Me will be even better this season … Shawn Ryan, creator of The Shield, has taken over as show runner. The big problem is that watching House and Lie to Me back-to-back is too much of a decent thing; neither show is good enough to make you want to watch two hours worth, but both are good enough to get you through an hour. Since Lie to Me comes after House, I suspect it will be the one where my boredom gets a workout. But it’s a fun show, and Erika Christensen did a fine job in her guest spot tonight. (Funny note, at least I thought so: Christensen and Julia Stiles have always been Top Ten Separated at Birth people, and when Christensen showed up on Lie to Me playing a person with multiple personalities, I joked to my wife that they should have let Julia Stiles play the other personality. She didn’t get the joke … she thought it WAS Julia Stiles.)

Meanwhile, Tim Goodman has his latest Power Rankings. Not sure I’ll comment on them every week, but I’ll toss in my thoughts now. Mad Men is still on top … all is right with the world. He swapped Glee and Sons of Anarchy at #2/3, which is meaningless. There are the usual sitcoms I don’t watch, along with two that I do (Curb Your Enthusiasm, headed for a great season, and The Office). He bumped Dexter to #5 … guess he liked the premiere more than I did … and pushed FlashForward to #7.


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