i read the news today, oh boy
bye bye china basin

bam, said the lady

I’ve told the story before about how a group of us online Giants fans convinced Chronicle writer Henry Schulman to mention Abe Vigoda in a piece about the team, as a kind of shout out to us. Well, Nathan Fillion did an Abe Vigoda Monday night, although I only just found out about it a little bit ago.

Fillion is a charismatic actor, mostly for television, who always seems to be smiling with his audience about his good looks and rapport with viewers. He is also one of the many celebrities on Twitter. I confess I’m not a big expert on Fillion … I first saw him as one evil mother on Buffy, then after the fact caught up with his starring turn on Firefly/Serenity. His new show is Castle, which just began its second season. I don’t watch it … if it was my kind of show, I suspect I’d love it, but it’s not my kind of show, so I just catch the occasional ten minutes when I’m in the room with Robin as she watches it (it IS her kind of show). She may watch it, but I watch Twitter, and I friended Fillion because his tweets tend to be entertaining.

One thing Fillion did … and it’s not entirely clear how or why it got started … Fillion has created a couple of catch phrases. One, “feed the birds,” is his version of a high five. The other, which seems to be the more popular, is “bam, said the lady,” which is a way of concluding a conversation, like “there you go.” Fillion said it on an episode of Castle last season, apparently worked it into a voice-over on a video game, and has pushed it on his Twitter page, using it whenever possible, convincing fans to follow suit … it’s quite the thing, you can get t-shirts with the saying, there’s a shorthand version (BSTL), even an entry in the Urban Dictionary.

Well, tonight, Robin’s watching Monday’s episode of Castle … it comes on too late for her to watch it in real time, so she cranks up the DVR and catches up later in the week. I’m goofing around on the Internet, bemoaning the official elimination of the Giants from this year’s post-season, and I can hear the show in the background, but I’m not paying attention. Or so I thought.

Suddenly, Fillion’s character (also named Castle) blurts out “Bam! said the lady.” I just about jumped out of my chair. I immediately asked Robin if he said that all the time, but she couldn’t remember him ever using it before. Since she spends zero time goofing on the Internet, she had no idea that Fillion had done an Abe Vigoda for his fans. I quickly did a Twitter search for the phrase, and saw that his many Twitter friends had jumped right on it, tweeting excitedly (and continuously … as fans catch up via their DVRs, they tweet, so there’s been a run of BSTL tweets for two days now).

Robin thinks this is all quite silly, but I found it delightful. Doesn’t make me want to watch Castle, but it shows how the Internet has affected entertainment, and also shows why I like Nathan Fillion even though I don’t always watch his shows.

Now I need a catch phrase …


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