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what i watched last week

Appaloosa. Takes its time getting where it’s going, and where it’s going isn’t all that interesting. Some good acting, some not so good, with Jeremy Irons playing the bad guy as if he thinks Daniel Day-Lewis’ John Huston impression in There Will Be Blood was over-baked. Farts around with the traditions of the western without doing much more than farting. Amiable, but dull.

Pinocchio. Its technological/artistic breakthroughs are taken for granted now, and later, less impressive Disney animation efforts have dulled the luster of the early classics. Until you start watching, and then you are transported into a remarkable world that, among other things, is far more dark than you might remember. I mean, what ever happened to those kids who were turned into donkeys and sent to work the salt mines? #346 on the They Shoot Pictures, Don’t They list of the 1000 greatest films of all time.




I stumbled upon "Appaloosa" like 30 minutes in, totally by accident. For some reason, I had never heard of it--not even a whisper--and my immediate reaction (a scene with Irons) was that it was some kind of skit or joke. When I realized what I was watching was an actual movie, I changed the channel.

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