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friday random ten, 1990 edition

1. Mojo Nixon, “Destroy All Lawyers.” Mojo is not the most subtle lyricist.

2. LL Cool J, “Around the Way Girl.”

3. C+C Music Factory, “Things That Make You Go Hmmmm.” People forget about Arsenio Hall, it seems, but his show was crucial in its day. And how many talk-show hosts have a song named after one of their regular skits?

4. The Geto Boys, “Gangster of Love.” The most vile song ever made that was so catchy you couldn’t turn it off. I’m partial to the version with the “Sweet Home Alabama” sample, but the one with “The Joker” has its fans, as well.

5. The La’s, “There She Goes.”

6. The Black Crowes, “Hard to Handle.” If the Geto Boys can sample Lynyrd Skynyrd, then the Black Crowes can sample Otis Redding.

7. King Missile, “Jesus Was Way Cool.”

8. Sinéad O'Connor, ”The Emperor’s New Clothes.” There were other songs on that album, too, ya know.

9. World Party, “Way Down Now.” Karl Wallinger, who was World Party, worked with O’Connor on her album, too.

10. Bell Biv DeVoe, “Poison.” Not that much kinder to women than the Geto Boys song. “Never trust a big butt and smile.”

[edited to add Spotify playlist]



Damn, brother, in another life we'd be pals. I LOVE the Geto Boy's version with the Bama sample! This was a weird year for music, but I used to blast that Sinead cd as loud as I could...and all of it! Mojo is one of the performers I regret never seeing.


Mojo's version of "This Land Is Your Land" is one of the all-time best.

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